How to build shoulders at home

How to build shoulders at home

March 6, 2020 0 By Jones Richard

An attractive figure can be “built” not only in the gym, and not even on the outdoor sports ground – with the right approach and due desire, a good result can be achieved even at home. Of course, this will take longer, and you should not expect huge muscles either (unless, of course, you have a full-fledged set of hardware at home), but serious progress can be made. Consider as an example of how to build shoulders at home – provided that there is no barbell or dumbbells at home.

Swing shoulders at home

What is required?

If, as mentioned above, you do not have a barbell or dumbbells at home, you will have to make them yourself or find some alternative. It can be water bottles (of course, not 0.5 liters – it is best to take bottles with handles, 5-10 liters) or a bag/backpack with some weight inside (for example, books or the same water bottles). Such “simulators” are good in that you can vary the load.

You will also need free space, a wall and a couple of chairs free of furniture and shelves. This will already be a good “gym” in which you can load the deltoid muscles.

What exercises can be performed?

Before doing the exercises – do not forget to warm up. The shoulders are the most mobile joint of the human body, which is very easily injured. Do:

  • Hand swings to the sides.
  • Hand rotation back and forth.
  • “Scissors” in front of you.
  • Swing your arms back.

So, if you want to learn in practice how to build shoulders at home – be sure to use the following exercises:

  1. Handstand pushups. They are performed standing against the wall (to make it easier to maintain balance). They are a good alternative to bench press up. Begin to master it very carefully, and it is better if someone will insure you, standing next to you – addiction and a sense of balance will not come right away.
  2. Bench press up.
  3. Arnold’s bench press.
  4. Back push-ups from chairs.
  5. Push-ups (shoulders are involved quite well, albeit not on the main “roles”).
  6. Push-ups with an emphasis on the abdomen.
  7. Raising arms with weight forward.
  8. Weight retention with arms extended forward.
  9. Breeding hands with weight in hand.
  10. Lead back with weight.
  11. Breeding arms with weight in an inclination forward.
  12. “Planck”.
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As you can see, there are a lot of exercises for home training, and they allow you to fully load each beam of deltoids.

You can further diversify the program using static exercises. To do this, you need a wall, free of furniture and shelves, and a stronger towel.

Hand pressure on the wall. We get to the wall a little closer than the distance of the outstretched arm. We rest our palm or fist against the wall and begin to press, trying to completely straighten the arm.
Towel “gap” in front of you. Pull both hands forward while holding the ends of the towel in them. With the help of the muscles of the shoulders, try to break it.
“Break” towels over your head. The same thing, only hands raised.