How to pump biceps at home quickly

How to pump biceps at home quickly

March 6, 2020 Off By Jones Richard

Hello, friends! This article will discuss how to pump biceps at home quickly. I want to disappoint right away – I won’t be able to do it quickly, since building a beautiful body, powerful and sculptured muscles is not a matter of one or two months, but many years. Therefore, here you have several options – either you start to seriously train, and in the end you get big biceps, or you just didn’t really want to build muscle enough. Of course, it is up to you to decide, but if you are ready, then let’s begin.

How to pump biceps at home

At home, you can pump up the biceps, and many other muscles, but I want to say that the biceps will be reluctant to grow if you do not have a common mass, and will train them in isolation.

Horizontal bar training

A great option for pumping biceps – pull-ups. During pull-ups, not only biceps work perfectly, but also the entire array of spinal muscles and posterior deltoid. With the help of pull-ups, you can get not only large biceps, but also a beautiful figure in general. The horizontal bar can be easily found on the street, or you can install it at home, say in the hallway between the walls. If we talk about the best exercises for biceps on the bar, then any pull-ups will use the biceps, but still, they most emphasize the load of pull-ups with reverse grip.

Workout at home with iron and homemade shells

If for some reason training on the horizontal bar is not suitable for you, then it does not matter. You can train at home using other equipment. Of course, if you have light weights or dumbbells at home, then this is great, but if not, then it doesn’t matter. As the weight, you can use a filled travel bag, backpack, bottles, bags of various types. If there is a desire, then there are a lot of options. Even bricks or building blocks can be used as weight.

Exercises for pumping biceps:

  1. Lifting barbell for biceps while standing
  2. Lifting Dumbbell Biceps While Sitting
  3. Hammer Exercise
  4. Biceps on Scott Bench
  5. Concentrated Biceps Lift
  6. Reverse Grip Barbell Lifting

As you can see, exercise is enough, but not all exercises are suitable for beginners. People who have not yet seriously engaged in sports, just lifting the barbell to the biceps, standing or sitting, is enough.

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To biceps grow, weights, too, need to gradually increase. No need to read, – you need to feel the weight, lower it at an average pace, both on lowering and on the rise. Do not chase the scales. You can do 1 to 3 biceps exercises in one workout. In fact, one is quite enough, but if you have an irresistible desire, then you can increase the number. We do 5 approaches 10-15 times for each exercise. You shouldn’t train more than three times a week.

Naturally, biceps will not grow only thanks to training. What you become will directly depend on what you eat. That is, you need not only to conduct high-quality training, but to eat well, as well as relax.

That’s all. Now you know how to pump biceps at home quickly.