How to pump up the lower press

How to pump up the lower press

March 6, 2020 Off By Jones Richard

Hello, friends. This article will talk about how to pump up the lower press. There are many exercises and their variations that will help us with this. If you decide to take care of yourself, and in particular pump up the lower press, then this is good, but not everyone understands that there can be a lot of pitfalls on the way to the goal. One of these stones is subcutaneous fat, which likes to be deposited in the lower abdomen. By and large, it does not matter what exercise you do on the rectus abdominis, they work well. It happens that a person sees cubes on the upper abdomen, but they are not visible on the lower abdomen. This does not mean that they are not there – it just may be that because of the fat layer they are invisible. You can’t pump up the upper press, but the lower one is not, and vice versa, the same muscle hedgehog works.

If you want to see a beautiful and embossed lower abs in your body, that’s good, but maybe it’s not at all that you do not have enough exercise for the lower abs.

How to pump up the lower press

Since many people will nevertheless separate the exercises for the lower and upper press, I will consider the exercises that are considered exercises for the lower press.

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Raising the legs in the hanger to the crossbar

This is a wonderful exercise that works very well on the abdominal muscles, neither their lower part nor the upper one. This exercise is quite complicated, and for a person who has not trained, it is hardly possible to complete 5 repetitions. If we talk about technology, then you need to hang on the crossbar, and just raise the straight legs to the crossbar, until the feet touch the crossbar.

Raising bent knees

If you can’t perform the first version of the exercise in any way, then it doesn’t matter. You can start with the practice of another option – raising the legs bent at the knees to chest level. If you can’t raise your knees to your chest, then just raise them to the possible level. Over time, you can begin to slowly straighten your legs.

Corner on the crossbar

Very powerful static exercises for more or less trained athletes. It also affects both the lower abdomen and the upper one. You need to hang on the bar, raise straight legs parallel to the ground, and hold as long as possible.

Leg raises lying on the floor

This exercise can be performed without problems at home. We lie down on the floor, and choose one of two fixation options. The first option – just put your hands on the floor, at a distance of about 10-20 cm from the body. The second option – we hold hands for the indestructible support that will be behind us. In one of the provisions, we just need to raise our legs to an angle of 90 degrees with the floor and body. In order to load the muscles more, you can not put your feet on the floor, and at the top point do not bring the legs to the very top, where there will be no tension.

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That’s all. Now you know how to pump up the lower press.