• The Best Exercises for the Press

    In this article, we will talk about the best exercises for working out the press. I want to say right away that exercises for the upper and lower press are a myth. The rectus abdominis muscles are attached in two places and contract along the entire length during a load on the muscles. Therefore, no matter what exercise you press, namely the rectus abdominis muscles, you would not perform, the press will work. You cannot pump separately the upper, and separately the lower press. If we talk about oblique, then they need slightly different exercises. So let’s get started.

    Press Exercises


    The first exercise we will look at is twisting. We perform twisting on the floor, and I want to note that this exercise can be performed in both complex and easy versions. The essence of this exercise in lifting the body is that we need to lie on the floor, bend our knees, and raise the body. But there are many nuances. Firstly, if you fix the feet under something, then it will be much easier for you to twist, and if you just place the feet on the floor without fixing it, it will be much more difficult. Also, for a complication, you can use the extra weight, which can be anything – a pancake from a barbell, a kettlebell, a dumbbell, or even a bottle of water, or a bag of sand. Do not forget to keep your hands behind your head. You need to inhale while lifting and exhale while lowering the body to the floor. For the best effect, do not lie down completely on the floor, after each approach, so that the muscles do not relax.

    Bleeding the Roman Chair

    Lifting the hull on such a projectile as a Roman chair will not be able to carry out all, only for the reason that it is not everywhere and not at all. Of course, only a few buy it at home, and not every hall has it. But in good rooms, he must be. The lifting of the body in the Roman chair deserves attention for the reason that such exercises on the press are quite productive due to the stretching of the abdominal muscles. Performing the exercise, you need to lower as low as possible, so that the muscles are well stretched, and then rise back up. A large range of motion creates an enormous load.

    To perform the bottom exercise, you need a net on a Roman chair, catch your feet on the stand, and start the exercise. Do not forget that your hands should be behind your head. Use extra weight to complicate the exercise.

    Twisting in a block

    Twisting in a block is an interesting exercise, but here you also need a simulator, namely the upper block. We choose the appropriate weight, take the handle in hand, kneel down in front of the block and press the muscles, lower the body to the floor. This exercise can also be performed with a rubber band. Performing with a tourniquet is better in that the rubber can be hooked on to anything, be it a crossbar or a tree. We continue to consider the best exercises for the press.

    Reverse twists for the press

    Reverse twisting for the press means lifting the legs in a prone position. This is a simple but effective exercise that you can perform at home. We lie down on our back, rest our hands on the floor, or put them on the floor from above – as you feel comfortable. Now just raise your legs, and naturally, return them to their original position. To make the effect better, do not put your feet on the floor at the lowest point.

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    Leg raises to the bar

    This is my favorite exercise, but it is not for beginners. This exercise comes down to the fact that you need to hang on the bar and raise her even legs. You need to have a good level of training to perform at least a dozen repetitions. Of course, not everyone will be able to do at least one repetition, and therefore I want to offer you similar exercises easier. Do not lift your legs to the bar, and knees to the chest. The second lightweight option is raising straight legs to the horizon (in a corner) and returning to the starting position.

    Leg Turns

    The oblique muscles of the abdomen are well involved in this exercise. Your legs will serve as a weighting agent. We lie down on our back and rest our hands on the floor. Raise your legs to a vertical position – this is the starting position. Then we lower our legs in one direction – we feel tension, then in the second. To improve the effectiveness of the exercise, you do not need to put your feet on the floor.

    Turns in the Roman chair

    This exercise is also quite productive, and you can see it for yourself. We sit on a Roman chair, hooked his legs on the rollers. Lower the case to parallel, and straighten the arms, and point up. First, we turn in one direction, until the hands reach a horizontal position, after which we immediately turn the case in the other direction. This exercise is good because the muscles are under load during the entire approach.

    Book exercise

    This exercise includes both leg lift and body lift. You need to lie on the floor so that your legs are straight and your hands are on the floor. Hands can lie both near the body and behind the head. Having taken a starting position, it is possible to start execution. Raise the body and legs together, trying to reach the feet with your fingers.

    That’s all the best exercises for the press.

    Training program

    Well, now a little about the training program. In one workout, you can perform all the exercises that are described in the article, or you can simply change them every workout, or change the group of exercises every week. The training aimed at the press should last for 30 minutes. Try to make as little rest as possible between sets – optimally 1 minute. Training can be carried out from 3 to 6 days a week, depending on the training. We do 10 to 20 repetitions in 3-5 sets for each exercise. You should feel your muscles contract.

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  • How to build a body in a month

    Any person wants to have everything at once – hardly any of us loves the expectation of the desired result. This applies to absolutely everything – including our own beauty: for sure we all want to get the perfect figure as quickly as possible. However, such a task requires considerable time – it is unlikely that you will see progress after a couple of weeks at the gym. If you need to get the result in the minimum amount of time (for example, you want to learn how to pump the body in a month) – be prepared for the fact that you will have to make a huge amount of effort and spend time.

    How can I build up in one month?

    What can be achieved in a month?

    A month is an extremely short time for a bodybuilder. The physiological characteristics of our body are such that muscle fibers respond very slowly to stress, and require rest. As a result, we are in any case limited to certain limits.

    With intensive and most frequent workouts, combined with proper nutrition, for 1 month you can add a couple of kilograms of high-quality muscle mass, which will be noticeable both on the scales and visually in the reflection of the mirror.

    Sports nutrition or anabolic steroids can give a much more serious effect – if it is important for you and you need to learn how to build up your body in a month – use pharmacological support if possible: this will significantly improve the result.

    The main nuances

    If the main requirement for the result is exactly the time, it is important to use only the most effective and efficient exercises. Isolation is useful only when you work for muscle relief, or you have enough time, and you can accentuate muscle groups. Thus, the most effective way to build mass in a short time is the “base”.

    Remember that for muscle growth, you should use medium or large weights and a small number of repetitions (5-10 approximately).

    Just in case, we briefly recall the exercises that are most relevant to use in such cases:

    1. Bench press (with different grips and at different angles).
    2. Deadlift (the classic version is best, but you can try others).
    3. Squats (if you want to build torso muscles – you can exclude them without wasting time on your legs).
    4. Bench up.
    5. Inclined rod (can be replaced by a rod in a horizontal block simulator).
    6. Draft in the vertical block simulator (can be replaced by pull-ups).
    7. Back push-ups.

    In principle, this is enough to fully load the entire “top”. Since there are few exercises, the list can be supplemented with the most effective isolation:

    1. Bending the arms with a barbell.
    2. Extension of arms in a block simulator.
    3. Breeding hands with dumbbells to the side.
    4. Lifting arms with dumbbells forward.

    From the existing “assortment” you can make a good two-day program. If you have free time and the opportunity – you can practice 4 or even 6 times a week – there will be enough energy for this with sports nutrition, and the result will improve significantly.

  • How to pump your back with dumbbells

    Hello, friends! This article will discuss how to pump your back with dumbbells. There are exercises that are best done with dumbbells, since dumbbells allow you to increase the amplitude of movement. Someone prefers to work exclusively with dumbbells for their own reasons. If you decide to train your back exclusively with the help of a dumbbell, or just add variety to the training, then the exercises that we will consider below will come in handy.

    A bit of anatomy

    The back muscles are a massive collection of muscle groups that are located on the back of the body. It often happens that the back muscles of athletes lag behind, but in order for the body to look beautiful, this deficiency needs to be eliminated. In fact, it is not so difficult to increase the back muscles, because it is a huge array that works in many exercises and responds well to loads.

    The abdominal muscles are done on the superficial and deep muscles.

    We will divide surface groups into two layers. The first layer includes such muscles as the latissimus and trapezius. The second layer includes the muscles that are responsible for raising the scapula, and these muscles include the rhomboid and dentate.

    The latissimus dorsi. Not very thick muscles that quickly gain shape, and many protruding athletes have the broadest muscles of a rather impressive size. If we look at the widest, we will see that they look like a big triangle. The broadest muscles lead the hands to the body and unbend the shoulder (moving the arms back).

    Trapezius muscle. They occupy the lion’s upper back. These muscles are also individually similar to triangles. This group is responsible for bringing the shoulder blades to the spinal column, as well as for their lowering and raising.

    Jagged muscles. They are responsible for lowering and the concept of ribs.

    The muscles are responsible for lifting the scapula. Attached to the cervical spine and the edge of the shoulder blades. The scapula is brought to the spinal column.

    Extensors of the back. Very strong muscles whose functions are flexion and extension of the spine.

    How to pump your back with dumbbells. Exercises

    Exercise No. 1. The first exercise that I want to talk about is deadlift in a classic style. During this exercise, the extensors of the back, biceps of the hips and buttocks work great. Deadlifts are much easier to perform with dumbbells than with a barbell.

    The first thing to do is to take dumbbells in your hands and stand straight. Now we lower ourselves until we touch the dumbbells while bending our knees evenly and tilting our back. We return along the same trajectory.

    Exercise No. 2. The next exercise is vertical traction in an inclination with one hand. To complete this exercise, we will need additional equipment in the form of a bench.

    Let’s start with the left side. We put the knee of the right foot on the bench and rest against it with the right hand. The left leg is on the floor, and in the left hand, we are holding a dumbbell. From this position, pull the dumbbell up to the waist.

    Exercise No. 3. The next exercise is aimed at pumping the trapezius muscles and is called “Shrugs”.

    We take dumbbells in our hands and simply raise our shoulders, trying to reduce the shoulder blades.

    That’s all. Now you know how to pump your back with dumbbells. Hope you find this helpful and remember to bookmark our site.

  • All About Sports Nutrition

    Everyone who has played sports at least a bit and has at least minimal experience in this business will probably understand how important and relevant sports nutrition is for progress. Now we are talking about the most harmless supplements that are often prescribed by nutritionists even to people who have never been involved in bodybuilding – because they are really useful and really safe. Now we will consider the main categories of sports nutrition, with the help of which your workouts can become an order of magnitude more effective.

    What is the category of sports nutrition?

    It should be clearly understood that sports nutrition and steroid drugs are different things. Sportspit does not contain hormonal supplements that make a change in the hormonal background of our body. Thanks to the active ingredients, you can choose sports nutrition for weight gain, for “drying”, to increase stamina and tone, for accelerated recovery.

    The following items should be included in this category:

    • Proteins
    • creatine;
    • amino acids;
    • fat burners;
    • power engineering;
    • pre-workout complexes;
    • vitamin complexes.

    Each category is designed for specific purposes and has supplemented with a specific composition of key substances needed by the body. How and what exactly – read on.

    “And they told me that this is harmful!”

    Immediately I want to pay attention to this stupid and unconfirmed belief.

    With the advent of sports food on the free market, there was a fairly widespread belief that “steroids” will make you impotent, destroy your kidneys, and you will die in a few years. Typically, such statements belonged to people far from sports, or not too competent doctors who do not even have the basic knowledge of sports nutrition but are taken to judge supplements that they know nothing about.

    Sports nutrition, these are not steroids!

    Such judgments very quickly formed among the older generation (our parents, grandparents) the opinion that any sportspit is real poison, and taking it is serious harm. However, try to ask them to justify their opinion – and you will not hear any intelligible argument, except for references to someone’s words.

    Now, fortunately, this myth has almost completely disappeared – with the advent of the Internet, it became very easy to receive any information, and people began to better understand such issues.

    Of course, taking sports supplements can be harmful to the human body. But! This is only possible in the following cases:

    1. If you seriously or regularly exceed the recommended dosage.
    2. If you have purchased and accept low-quality products or fakes that have a different chemical composition.
    3. If your body does not accept these products (this can be quickly understood if your health worsens after taking them).
    4. If your course consists of several units of products that have a similar effect.
    5. If your course consists of products that are incompatible with each other.

    That is, everything is exactly the same as with ordinary food or medicine: follow the dose, do not take what you feel bad after, do not pursue cheapness and do not combine the incompatible. In this case, there is practically no risk of problems.

    Now – with regard to each category specifically.


    The most famous, most popular and most relevant category. Essentially, a protein is a protein that goes to the “construction” of muscle fibers and is necessary for our body. Using such sports nutrition, gaining muscle mass and post-workout recovery can be significantly accelerated.

    Externally, the protein looks like a fine powder. For use, milkshakes are usually prepared in which it dissolves.

    Among the presented products, there are several varieties of protein:

    • Whey protein concentrate is the cheapest option, having a considerable proportion of fats and carbohydrates in its composition. Often causes diarrhea, especially in the initial stages of admission. As for quality and relevance – deserves attention if you want to save.
    • Whey protein isolate is a better processed previous version with fewer impurities. The best option for most athletes.
    • Whey protein hydrolyzate – from the “whey” three – the most expensive, but the most high-quality and useful option. It contains a complete set of amino acids and contains virtually no impurities. In practice, however, there was no significant difference between the hydrolyzate and the isolate (except for the price, which differs by an order of magnitude).
    • Egg – an advertised and unreasonably expensive product; It has a balanced amino acid composition, but it is much more reasonable and profitable to buy a concentrate or isolate “serum”.
    • Soy – is relevant for people with intolerance to dairy products or for vegetarians. In terms of quality – a solid “middling” with an average rate of assimilation.
    • Casein is a long-digestible protein that is best suited for bedtime.
    • Milk – a mixture of whey and casein proteins (ratio of about 20 \ 80). The option, although expensive, but ideal, provides proteins both immediately after administration and continues to “charge” the body later for a long time.

    To summarize:

    1. If you want to save, take the concentrate.
    2. If you want to take sports nutrition for muscle mass with an optimal ratio of quality and cost – take isolate.
    3. If the price is not the main criterion when choosing, and you want to buy the most useful and effective product – take either milk protein or two cans at once – a hydrolyzate and casein.


    The main purpose of taking creatine and creatine-containing supplements is to increase health, stamina and speed up recovery. The most common and cheapest creatine monohydrate ideally copes with this task.

    It can be used both separately and as part of courses. It is often combined with protein – such a bunch is simple, harmless, cheap, but it demonstrates a really serious result in terms of effectiveness.

    It is usually taken with juice or in cocktails. Since creatine (which looks like a white powder, similar to flour) is poorly soluble in liquid, it is necessary to shake the container before use. As an option – you can buy creatine more expensively available in capsules – for a more convenient intake.

    Amino acids

    Organic compounds involved in all life processes – this is what amino acids are. Some of them are synthesized by the body, others come only with food or additives. They are the basis of all proteins, energy sources, accelerate the metabolism and the process of burning fat.

    They are usually produced either individually or in a complex (when a single supplement contains several “amines” at once).

    However, if we talk about how popular such sports nutrition is, bodybuilding can hardly be called the actual direction where it is often consumed. Too high a price and too inconspicuous result are the main “enemies” of amino acids in sports. Of course, in general terms, their use for the body is very useful, but in fact for progress it is much more beneficial to purchase the same protein or creatine.

    Fat burners

    This category includes supplements containing a vitamin-like (akin to B-vitamins) natural substance – L-carnitine (or levocarnitine). It activates the transport of fatty acids and improves oxygen circulation in the body, corrects and improves metabolism. As a result, we can really note the progress in terms of reducing fat mass. However, taking the supplement must necessarily be combined with diet and intense training – otherwise it will be practically useless.

    Available in capsules and in liquid form.


    These include non-alcoholic drinks, in large quantities containing caffeine and glucose. In addition, the composition often includes additional stimulants: taurine, theobromine, theophylline. The drink is usually carbonated – it speeds up the efficiency.

    It is recommended to consume energy drinks as little as possible, and the dosage should not exceed the established norm. Otherwise, problems can often arise – insomnia, rapid fatigue, slow recovery of the body, disruption of the cardiovascular system.

    Their consumption is relevant during the period of intensive training.

    Pre-workout complexes

    “Charge” immediately before training – the decision is correct and useful. For this, you can use balanced pre-workout complexes (in that case, for example, if you go to the gym immediately after work, and do not have time to eat on the way).

    Typically, the complex includes a complete set of everything that is required to increase performance under intense loads. The list is approximately the following:

    • amino acids;
    • creatine;
    • vitamins;
    • caffeine.

    The list can be supplemented with stimulants, minerals, antioxidants – the assortment of additives in this category is simply huge, and here everyone can choose for themselves an option that is suitable in price and composition. The basic rule is to carefully read what the supplement contains.

    Vitamin Complexes

    Attention should be paid not only to sports nutrition for weight gain – it is equally important to provide the body with enough vitamins and minerals. This is not so easy to do, especially in the fall and winter, and therefore such complexes are especially relevant if you plan to seriously and intensively engage.

    Complexes usually contain several vitamins at once and are sold in tablet form.

    That’s all. Now you know enough about sports nutrition, in particular, sports nutrition for weight gain.

    Hope you find the above information helpful. Feel free to share with your friends and southwestmedicals.com to your favorite bookmark.


  • How Doctors Dignose & Treat Sinus and Allergies

    Sinusitis is defined as inflammation of one or more of the mucous membrane lined air spaces in the facial bones. This leads to symptoms similar to a common cold but may become more purulent, leading to pain and headaches and the need for treatment with antibiotics.

    An allergen is an antigen causing allergy in a hypersensitive person, often caused by pollens or dust mites, leading to continual sneezing and a runny nose. Can mostly be controlled with medication and nasal sprays.

    Diagnosis & Treatment

    Diagnosis is usually based on a physical examination by your Doctor. The Doctor may take a nasal swab to rule out other conditions. In some cases, a nasal endoscopy may be required to look inside sinus cavities. Acute sinus can be triggered by many things including allergies, and sometimes following a heavy head cold. Often the condition will get better on its own, antibiotics are required in extreme cases.

    Sinus Treatment

    The following treatments are used to relieve symptoms.

    • A saline nasal spray several times daily.
    • Corticosteroid to relieve inflammation. ( Nasonex, Rhinocort, both sprays, and many others).
    • Over the counter decongestant.

    The new corticosteroid sprays work extremely well, and they are often enough to banish the sinus. If your sinus condition lasts for three months or longer you should see a doctor in ENT Specialist Singapore. You will need to explain to the doctor when the symptoms first began. The doctor will perform a full examination of your ears, nose, and throat, including checking for swollen glands. Sometimes you may have pain in your face or teeth associated with the sinus infection, and a sore throat, and blocked ears. For many people suffering ongoing sinus problems is a way of life and it can become quite debilitating. In chronic cases, the ENT doctor may consider a sinus draining technique called a balloon sinuplasty.

    This procedure does not involve surgery and can be done with local anaesthesia, and involves a balloon slid into the sinus cavity over a guidewire. The balloon is then inflated causing the sinuses to open up. Many people find that they have almost instant relief with this process, but it is not for everyone. For severe and extreme sinus cases, your ENT doctor may recommend Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. For more information about sinus surgery, check out this article http://chrisryanfitness.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-sinusitis-and-sinus-surgery/


    Allergy Treatment

    Allergy diagnosis becomes necessary when allergies flare up frequently. Normally antibodies found in the bloodstream and tissues react and destroy antigens without causing any trouble. If the allergens cause a release of antibodies they can lodge in the tissues of the body, causing a reaction. The effect can vary from asthma and hay fever to skin disorders and rashes. Extreme cases may cause anaphylaxis, so if allergies are becoming extremely problematic the patient should be referred to Allergy Testing Singapore, a clinic specializing in allergy testing and treatment to have the allergen identified.

    Treatments for allergies vary depending on the allergens identified. Common allergies are.

    • Hay fever
    • Pollens
    • Pet Dander
    • Traffic fumes
    • Pollution leading to symptoms of asthma.

    Sometimes a Nasonex Spray (a mild Corticosteroid) may be enough to calm the allergy down. Other treatments include oral antihistamine medication to relieve sneezing, itching, and watery nose and eyes.

    In places where seasonal allergies occur, it can help with allergies worsening by recognizing the trigger factors and avoiding them.

    • Stay inside on windy days.
    • Mainly go outside after rain.
    • Don’t do any gardening duties.
    • Use a dryer, don’t hang laundry outside in the air.
    • If you have to be outside wear a mask
    • Buy an Air Purifier for your house
    • In some places the pollen count is given on the TV weather report, avoid heavy pollen days.

    Keeping Your Air Clean

    • Use air-conditioning in your house and car.
    • Use a dehumidifier in your house, especially in the bedroom.
    • Vacuum frequently using a HEPA filter.

    If your allergies are diagnosed as life-threatening (peanut allergy often in children and young adults), you may be prescribed an Epipen.

    This is a measured dose of epinephrine for injecting in severe allergic reactions, and most often used for the treatment of anaphylaxis. This was introduced about 30 years ago in response to increasing allergic reactions, often in school children exposed to nut products. Usually, this type of allergic reaction will be catastrophically sudden, so anyone with this level of allergy is told to carry the pen with them at all times, as the alternative is death. If the Epipen is administered the child should be sent to a hospital for assessment, often the symptoms come back several hours later. Stay in the ER until medical authorities are happy to discharge you.

    Frequently asked Questions

    1. What are Sinus headaches?

    Sinus headaches are caused when pressure build in sinuses, ease with warm compresses.

    2. Should I see a Doctor about my sinus?

    Yes, if the problem has continued for three months you should see a doctor.

    3. What are the symptoms of a sinus infection?

    The common symptoms associated are:

    • Nasal congestion with loss of sense of smell.
    • Tenderness under eyes.
    • Cough
    • Bad taste in the mouth.
    • May have a slight fever.

    4. What causes allergies?

    When your immune system identifies substances (mistakenly), as harmful, stimulating an immune response.

    5. Can allergies be cured?

    No, but symptoms can be treated and controlled.

    6. Can you develop allergies to cats?

    Yes, you are probably allergic to pet dander. See your doctor, you don’t need to get rid of the cat.

    7. Will allergy cause ear pain?

    Yes, allergy can cause irritation in the nose and sinuses, which can affect the ear and result in ear pain. There could be other causes of ear pain besides allergy. Earwax blockage can cause ear pain too. To clear the buildup, see a doctor in Ear Wax Removal Singapore clinic to remove the earwax and clear up the blockage safely.


    Allergic reactions and sinus are troublesome problems that seem to be increasing, often they can be simply treated, but sometimes you need to see your doctor and be referred to an ENT Doctor for Specialist Care and advice. Sinus treatment and allergy problems often just require the right advice to put you on track for better health outcomes.

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