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The Best Exercises for the Press

In this article, we will talk about the best exercises for working out the press. I want to say right away that exercises for the upper and lower press are a myth. The rectus abdominis muscles are attached in two places and contract along the entire length during a load on the muscles. Therefore, no matter what exercise you press, namely the rectus abdominis muscles, you would not perform, the press will work. You cannot pump separately the upper, and separately the lower press. If we talk about oblique, then they need slightly different exercises. So let’s get started.

Press Exercises


The first exercise we will look at is twisting. We perform twisting on the floor, and I want to note that this exercise can be performed in both complex and easy versions. The essence of this exercise in lifting the body is that we need to lie on the floor, bend our knees, and raise the body. But there are many nuances. Firstly, if you fix the feet under something, then it will be much easier for you to twist, and if you just place the feet on the floor without fixing it, it will be much more difficult. Also, for a complication, you can use the extra weight, which can be anything – a pancake from a barbell, a kettlebell, a dumbbell, or even a bottle of water, or a bag of sand. Do not forget to keep your hands behind your head. You need to inhale while lifting and exhale while lowering the body to the floor. For the best effect, do not lie down completely on the floor, after each approach, so that the muscles do not relax.

Bleeding the Roman Chair

Lifting the hull on such a projectile as a Roman chair will not be able to carry out all, only for the reason that it is not everywhere and not at all. Of course, only a few buy it at home, and not every hall has it. But in good rooms, he must be. The lifting of the body in the Roman chair deserves attention for the reason that such exercises on the press are quite productive due to the stretching of the abdominal muscles. Performing the exercise, you need to lower as low as possible, so that the muscles are well stretched, and then rise back up. A large range of motion creates an enormous load.

To perform the bottom exercise, you need a net on a Roman chair, catch your feet on the stand, and start the exercise. Do not forget that your hands should be behind your head. Use extra weight to complicate the exercise.

Twisting in a block

Twisting in a block is an interesting exercise, but here you also need a simulator, namely the upper block. We choose the appropriate weight, take the handle in hand, kneel down in front of the block and press the muscles, lower the body to the floor. This exercise can also be performed with a rubber band. Performing with a tourniquet is better in that the rubber can be hooked on to anything, be it a crossbar or a tree. We continue to consider the best exercises for the press.

Reverse twists for the press

Reverse twisting for the press means lifting the legs in a prone position. This is a simple but effective exercise that you can perform at home. We lie down on our back, rest our hands on the floor, or put them on the floor from above – as you feel comfortable. Now just raise your legs, and naturally, return them to their original position. To make the effect better, do not put your feet on the floor at the lowest point.

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Leg raises to the bar

This is my favorite exercise, but it is not for beginners. This exercise comes down to the fact that you need to hang on the bar and raise her even legs. You need to have a good level of training to perform at least a dozen repetitions. Of course, not everyone will be able to do at least one repetition, and therefore I want to offer you similar exercises easier. Do not lift your legs to the bar, and knees to the chest. The second lightweight option is raising straight legs to the horizon (in a corner) and returning to the starting position.

Leg Turns

The oblique muscles of the abdomen are well involved in this exercise. Your legs will serve as a weighting agent. We lie down on our back and rest our hands on the floor. Raise your legs to a vertical position – this is the starting position. Then we lower our legs in one direction – we feel tension, then in the second. To improve the effectiveness of the exercise, you do not need to put your feet on the floor.

Turns in the Roman chair

This exercise is also quite productive, and you can see it for yourself. We sit on a Roman chair, hooked his legs on the rollers. Lower the case to parallel, and straighten the arms, and point up. First, we turn in one direction, until the hands reach a horizontal position, after which we immediately turn the case in the other direction. This exercise is good because the muscles are under load during the entire approach.

Book exercise

This exercise includes both leg lift and body lift. You need to lie on the floor so that your legs are straight and your hands are on the floor. Hands can lie both near the body and behind the head. Having taken a starting position, it is possible to start execution. Raise the body and legs together, trying to reach the feet with your fingers.

That’s all the best exercises for the press.

Training program

Well, now a little about the training program. In one workout, you can perform all the exercises that are described in the article, or you can simply change them every workout, or change the group of exercises every week. The training aimed at the press should last for 30 minutes. Try to make as little rest as possible between sets – optimally 1 minute. Training can be carried out from 3 to 6 days a week, depending on the training. We do 10 to 20 repetitions in 3-5 sets for each exercise. You should feel your muscles contract.

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