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  • How to build a body in a month

    Any person wants to have everything at once – hardly any of us loves the expectation of the desired result. This applies to absolutely everything – including our own beauty: for sure we all want to get the perfect figure as quickly as possible. However, such a task requires considerable time – it is unlikely that you will see progress after a couple of weeks at the gym. If you need to get the result in the minimum amount of time (for example, you want to learn how to pump the body in a month) – be prepared for the fact that you will have to make a huge amount of effort and spend time.

    How can I build up in one month?

    What can be achieved in a month?

    A month is an extremely short time for a bodybuilder. The physiological characteristics of our body are such that muscle fibers respond very slowly to stress, and require rest. As a result, we are in any case limited to certain limits.

    With intensive and most frequent workouts, combined with proper nutrition, for 1 month you can add a couple of kilograms of high-quality muscle mass, which will be noticeable both on the scales and visually in the reflection of the mirror.

    Sports nutrition or anabolic steroids can give a much more serious effect – if it is important for you and you need to learn how to build up your body in a month – use pharmacological support if possible: this will significantly improve the result.

    The main nuances

    If the main requirement for the result is exactly the time, it is important to use only the most effective and efficient exercises. Isolation is useful only when you work for muscle relief, or you have enough time, and you can accentuate muscle groups. Thus, the most effective way to build mass in a short time is the “base”.

    Remember that for muscle growth, you should use medium or large weights and a small number of repetitions (5-10 approximately).

    Just in case, we briefly recall the exercises that are most relevant to use in such cases:

    1. Bench press (with different grips and at different angles).
    2. Deadlift (the classic version is best, but you can try others).
    3. Squats (if you want to build torso muscles – you can exclude them without wasting time on your legs).
    4. Bench up.
    5. Inclined rod (can be replaced by a rod in a horizontal block simulator).
    6. Draft in the vertical block simulator (can be replaced by pull-ups).
    7. Back push-ups.

    In principle, this is enough to fully load the entire “top”. Since there are few exercises, the list can be supplemented with the most effective isolation:

    1. Bending the arms with a barbell.
    2. Extension of arms in a block simulator.
    3. Breeding hands with dumbbells to the side.
    4. Lifting arms with dumbbells forward.

    From the existing “assortment” you can make a good two-day program. If you have free time and the opportunity – you can practice 4 or even 6 times a week – there will be enough energy for this with sports nutrition, and the result will improve significantly.

  • How to pump your back with dumbbells

    Hello, friends! This article will discuss how to pump your back with dumbbells. There are exercises that are best done with dumbbells, since dumbbells allow you to increase the amplitude of movement. Someone prefers to work exclusively with dumbbells for their own reasons. If you decide to train your back exclusively with the help of a dumbbell, or just add variety to the training, then the exercises that we will consider below will come in handy.

    A bit of anatomy

    The back muscles are a massive collection of muscle groups that are located on the back of the body. It often happens that the back muscles of athletes lag behind, but in order for the body to look beautiful, this deficiency needs to be eliminated. In fact, it is not so difficult to increase the back muscles, because it is a huge array that works in many exercises and responds well to loads.

    The abdominal muscles are done on the superficial and deep muscles.

    We will divide surface groups into two layers. The first layer includes such muscles as the latissimus and trapezius. The second layer includes the muscles that are responsible for raising the scapula, and these muscles include the rhomboid and dentate.

    The latissimus dorsi. Not very thick muscles that quickly gain shape, and many protruding athletes have the broadest muscles of a rather impressive size. If we look at the widest, we will see that they look like a big triangle. The broadest muscles lead the hands to the body and unbend the shoulder (moving the arms back).

    Trapezius muscle. They occupy the lion’s upper back. These muscles are also individually similar to triangles. This group is responsible for bringing the shoulder blades to the spinal column, as well as for their lowering and raising.

    Jagged muscles. They are responsible for lowering and the concept of ribs.

    The muscles are responsible for lifting the scapula. Attached to the cervical spine and the edge of the shoulder blades. The scapula is brought to the spinal column.

    Extensors of the back. Very strong muscles whose functions are flexion and extension of the spine.

    How to pump your back with dumbbells. Exercises

    Exercise No. 1. The first exercise that I want to talk about is deadlift in a classic style. During this exercise, the extensors of the back, biceps of the hips and buttocks work great. Deadlifts are much easier to perform with dumbbells than with a barbell.

    The first thing to do is to take dumbbells in your hands and stand straight. Now we lower ourselves until we touch the dumbbells while bending our knees evenly and tilting our back. We return along the same trajectory.

    Exercise No. 2. The next exercise is vertical traction in an inclination with one hand. To complete this exercise, we will need additional equipment in the form of a bench.

    Let’s start with the left side. We put the knee of the right foot on the bench and rest against it with the right hand. The left leg is on the floor, and in the left hand, we are holding a dumbbell. From this position, pull the dumbbell up to the waist.

    Exercise No. 3. The next exercise is aimed at pumping the trapezius muscles and is called “Shrugs”.

    We take dumbbells in our hands and simply raise our shoulders, trying to reduce the shoulder blades.

    That’s all. Now you know how to pump your back with dumbbells. Hope you find this helpful and remember to bookmark our site.