• How Doctors Dignose & Treat Sinus and Allergies

    Sinusitis is defined as inflammation of one or more of the mucous membrane lined air spaces in the facial bones. This leads to symptoms similar to a common cold but may become more purulent, leading to pain and headaches and the need for treatment with antibiotics.

    An allergen is an antigen causing allergy in a hypersensitive person, often caused by pollens or dust mites, leading to continual sneezing and a runny nose. Can mostly be controlled with medication and nasal sprays.

    Diagnosis & Treatment

    Diagnosis is usually based on a physical examination by your Doctor. The Doctor may take a nasal swab to rule out other conditions. In some cases, a nasal endoscopy may be required to look inside sinus cavities. Acute sinus can be triggered by many things including allergies, and sometimes following a heavy head cold. Often the condition will get better on its own, antibiotics are required in extreme cases.

    Sinus Treatment

    The following treatments are used to relieve symptoms.

    • A saline nasal spray several times daily.
    • Corticosteroid to relieve inflammation. ( Nasonex, Rhinocort, both sprays, and many others).
    • Over the counter decongestant.

    The new corticosteroid sprays work extremely well, and they are often enough to banish the sinus. If your sinus condition lasts for three months or longer you should see a doctor in ENT Specialist Singapore. You will need to explain to the doctor when the symptoms first began. The doctor will perform a full examination of your ears, nose, and throat, including checking for swollen glands. Sometimes you may have pain in your face or teeth associated with the sinus infection, and a sore throat, and blocked ears. For many people suffering ongoing sinus problems is a way of life and it can become quite debilitating. In chronic cases, the ENT doctor may consider a sinus draining technique called a balloon sinuplasty.

    This procedure does not involve surgery and can be done with local anaesthesia, and involves a balloon slid into the sinus cavity over a guidewire. The balloon is then inflated causing the sinuses to open up. Many people find that they have almost instant relief with this process, but it is not for everyone. For severe and extreme sinus cases, your ENT doctor may recommend Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. For more information about sinus surgery, check out this article http://chrisryanfitness.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-sinusitis-and-sinus-surgery/


    Allergy Treatment

    Allergy diagnosis becomes necessary when allergies flare up frequently. Normally antibodies found in the bloodstream and tissues react and destroy antigens without causing any trouble. If the allergens cause a release of antibodies they can lodge in the tissues of the body, causing a reaction. The effect can vary from asthma and hay fever to skin disorders and rashes. Extreme cases may cause anaphylaxis, so if allergies are becoming extremely problematic the patient should be referred to Allergy Testing Singapore, a clinic specializing in allergy testing and treatment to have the allergen identified.

    Treatments for allergies vary depending on the allergens identified. Common allergies are.

    • Hay fever
    • Pollens
    • Pet Dander
    • Traffic fumes
    • Pollution leading to symptoms of asthma.

    Sometimes a Nasonex Spray (a mild Corticosteroid) may be enough to calm the allergy down. Other treatments include oral antihistamine medication to relieve sneezing, itching, and watery nose and eyes.

    In places where seasonal allergies occur, it can help with allergies worsening by recognizing the trigger factors and avoiding them.

    • Stay inside on windy days.
    • Mainly go outside after rain.
    • Don’t do any gardening duties.
    • Use a dryer, don’t hang laundry outside in the air.
    • If you have to be outside wear a mask
    • Buy an Air Purifier for your house
    • In some places the pollen count is given on the TV weather report, avoid heavy pollen days.

    Keeping Your Air Clean

    • Use air-conditioning in your house and car.
    • Use a dehumidifier in your house, especially in the bedroom.
    • Vacuum frequently using a HEPA filter.

    If your allergies are diagnosed as life-threatening (peanut allergy often in children and young adults), you may be prescribed an Epipen.

    This is a measured dose of epinephrine for injecting in severe allergic reactions, and most often used for the treatment of anaphylaxis. This was introduced about 30 years ago in response to increasing allergic reactions, often in school children exposed to nut products. Usually, this type of allergic reaction will be catastrophically sudden, so anyone with this level of allergy is told to carry the pen with them at all times, as the alternative is death. If the Epipen is administered the child should be sent to a hospital for assessment, often the symptoms come back several hours later. Stay in the ER until medical authorities are happy to discharge you.

    Frequently asked Questions

    1. What are Sinus headaches?

    Sinus headaches are caused when pressure build in sinuses, ease with warm compresses.

    2. Should I see a Doctor about my sinus?

    Yes, if the problem has continued for three months you should see a doctor.

    3. What are the symptoms of a sinus infection?

    The common symptoms associated are:

    • Nasal congestion with loss of sense of smell.
    • Tenderness under eyes.
    • Cough
    • Bad taste in the mouth.
    • May have a slight fever.

    4. What causes allergies?

    When your immune system identifies substances (mistakenly), as harmful, stimulating an immune response.

    5. Can allergies be cured?

    No, but symptoms can be treated and controlled.

    6. Can you develop allergies to cats?

    Yes, you are probably allergic to pet dander. See your doctor, you don’t need to get rid of the cat.

    7. Will allergy cause ear pain?

    Yes, allergy can cause irritation in the nose and sinuses, which can affect the ear and result in ear pain. There could be other causes of ear pain besides allergy. Earwax blockage can cause ear pain too. To clear the buildup, see a doctor in Ear Wax Removal Singapore clinic to remove the earwax and clear up the blockage safely.


    Allergic reactions and sinus are troublesome problems that seem to be increasing, often they can be simply treated, but sometimes you need to see your doctor and be referred to an ENT Doctor for Specialist Care and advice. Sinus treatment and allergy problems often just require the right advice to put you on track for better health outcomes.

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