How to pump up the press in a week. Is it real and how to implement?

How to pump up the press in a week. Is it real and how to implement?

March 6, 2020 Off By Jones Richard

The most common mistake made by thousands, millions of people around the world who want to achieve a slim figure and get a flat stomach is the execution of a huge number of repetitions to the press. After such a “program” one should not be surprised that the circumference of your waist has not decreased by a centimeter – this, in principle, is not surprising, since in fact the fight against excess weight should be conducted in a completely different direction. Which one? Now we will find out this nuance.

About pumping the press and getting rid of subcutaneous fat

“Why don’t I have dice on my stomach ?!”

Let us recall right away (and who didn’t know, we’ll enlighten): the rectus press muscle itself has the form of these very “cubes”. It runs from the bottom of the sternum to the pubic bone and is “girdled” with tendons – it is they who give the muscle group this appearance.

And due to the characteristics of our body – subcutaneous fat is primarily deposited on the stomach – this muscle quickly disappears under the layer. For this reason, in thin people with a low percentage of fat in the body, “cubes” can be seen even if the person does not play sports at all.

Now let’s highlight one more nuance: LOCALLY (for a single part of the body) you can’t lose weight. The content of subcutaneous fat decreases immediately throughout the body, and not in any one place – so from the fact that you will perform hundreds of twists, you will hardly achieve “cubes”.

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… we can conclude that you need to think not about how to PUMP the press for a week, but about how to RELEASE from the subcutaneous fat that hides it. This is precisely the basic rule for obtaining “cubes” on the stomach: we burn fat – we get a relief press.

Where to begin?

If you are faced with the task of getting the “cubes” on your stomach as quickly as possible, be prepared for intense and frequent exertion. Having entered the rhythm, you can practice at least every day – so try to allocate time for this useful and necessary lesson.

Cardio – faster and longer!

Run, jump, ride a bicycle, play football, do crossfit, swim, do martial arts – there is no better way to burn fat than intense cardio loading. Cardiac loading can be considered any type of physical activity that “accelerates” our heart rate up to 150% (normal rate at rest + 50% above) – it is within these limits that the process of burning fat is activated. But there is one important nuance: this frequency must be maintained, and the longer the better. That is why try to run not only fast, but also for a long time.

Do abdominal exercises

By themselves, exercise on the press will not give a significant result in terms of weight loss. But in combination with cardio loads, their effectiveness will be much more noticeable: the percentage of fat in the body will decrease, and the muscles of the press will strengthen and take shape, gaining a clear outline.

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That’s all. Now you know how to pump up the press in a week.